A festival where curiosity becomes active, where knowledge becomes experimentation, where the pleasure of understanding becomes contact and dexterity.

The Funday event places its primary focus on the 0/12 years target and on its relational dynamics with the parental figures, referring to an experiential laboratory model mixed with a particular and original fruition path.

An experiential laboratory is a multi-sensory experience that through games, guided fantasies, sports, drawings, stories, tales and music offers to children, through active participation, the opportunity to not only understand, but also experience positive psychological messages and hope, something key for their personal growth.

The specific format of the festival, on two days of activities and workshops, is designed to offer small participants a positive message to create a welcoming, safe, and respectful atmosphere able to guarantee everyone maximum freedom of expression. We offer ongoing workshops with laboratories, exhibits and conferences with programmed duration, creating the possibility of accessing different sensory experiences on the same day, creating a path that is based on the following logic: each workshop is a living experience and a resource available for life and for the future.

The main meeting context for the child is the active and engaging one of the small group, in which it is easy to experience oneself, enrich it in relation with the other, discover their relational dynamics to eventually modify them and rewrite them in the direction of discovery.
The secondary context addressed to the parents offers an opportunity to interpret the role of father or mother, who has been a child and who has also a parent. Being able to recognize and resolve past childhood conditioning, in a light, joyful and comparative way, with the dynamics created in comparison with other parents and experts, represents an additional vision towards conscious parenting.
Each path becomes the result of two paths shared between parents and children, linking to the memory of the festival a common and original dynamic experience.

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