Music contains in itself a universal language… indeed music, perhaps, IS the universal language.

The Blues, on its own merit, is at the origin of all that we now conventionally call “easy listening music” (within which gravitate some jazz, rock, pop and precisely the singer-songwriter music).

Blues D’Autore is a Labilia production that tells the stories of the “last ones” (in the sense of underdogs), capturing the mud and musically exasperating part of the structural and narrative roots, that sink deep into the Blues and the Italian singer-songwriter music; it is a transversal thought that uses the arrangements not only in a musical context, but also in an emotional, social, revolutionary and paradoxically contemporary content.

The idea of tracing a transversal musical line that unites these two musical souls was born from these reflections, and from the collaboration between the Gionni Grasso Band and Maurizio Pugno, (known for being a composer, arranger and producer of projects “Blues & Dintorni” with Mz Dee, Mark DuFresne, Sugar Ray Norcia, Tad Robinson, Lynwood Slim, Kellie Rucker, Linda Valori etc..)

Giampaolo Grassellini, aka Gionni Grasso, is the frontman and interpreter of this artistic path.

Former boxer, bricklayer, scenographic operator, (plunged into music almost by accident) he has for years been a protagonist of the visceral reinterpretation of everything that is the Italian author songwriting.

With this production, Giampaolo is as if he were the spokesman of the underdogs, almost in prayer against the injustice suffered.

However, love is not outside its emotions, in all its facets.

The band is a “continuous cycle” laboratory that deconstructs part of the Italian singer-songwriter genre and almost completely reconstructs it in a personal and autobiographical way, where the individual peculiarities of the musicians interconnect around the concepts of BLUES and ITALIAN AUTHOR’S MUSIC


Giampaolo “Gionni Grasso” Grassellini vocals
Maurizio Pugno guitars and arrangements
Michele Fumanti piano, vocals, fisa and arrangements
Franz Piombino electric bass
Federico “Kico” Corazzi drums


Gionni Grasso

Maurizio Pugno

Michele Fumanti

Franz Piombino

Federico “Kiko” Corazzi


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