The SACROMUD Pugno Collective

The SACROMUD Pugno Collective is a Labilia production (born in 2018 aka Pugno Blues Band, Pbb) and is not just a band that fishes into Maurizio Pugno‘s blues, continuing in some way the path started over 35 years of activity around the world, but it is a real factory of suggestions and sounds spread on what we are today, in what is our contemporary ballad.

The SACROMUD Pugno Collective is the “overground blues”, the new place of the “new blues” of Maurizio Pugno‘s new project.

A stroll inside Bluesland, the land of everyone and where everything has generated the music of the last 100 years and which has made it possible to transform all of this into a “Carousel“, into an “off-scale blues suite“, into a secular prayer that speaks of exodus, of the sensuality of our weaknesses, of the sound of our footsteps and of the surprises of wandering spirits.

“…the blues was for me the salt with which I seasoned my musical journey – says Pugno himself – not only as a musician but above all as an enthusiast.

The SACROMUD Pugno Collective is what I call an emotional “slingshot” rather than a musical group that has transformed my path into an experimental synthesis at times difficult, with which to deal but from which to draw ideas: a burning desire to break objects to give soul to the matter.

Raffo has translated all the contradictions of turning on oneself through, as I often repeat, his sacred mud”.

Resized, (released on April, 2021), as PBB, a readjustment of the dress, like a good tailor would do, to their own sizes;  the raft that finally ferried the PBB towards the SACROMUD Pugno Collective and “Out Of The Frame” (the album out in 2022 completely composed by Maurizio Pugno and Raffo Barbi, totally immersed in this suggestion).

The SACROMUD Live Show follows this vision; five musicians, five ways of seeing and hearing music all projected to achieve a performance designed as a real musical suite of over one and a half hours!

You catch your breath at the beginning and slowly exhale everything!

Labilia srl
via Goito, 41
61012 Civitanova Marche (MC)
Mauro Labellarte
+ 39 393.99.00.319
by A-Z Blues s.a.s.
via G.G. Prandina, 26
20128 Milano (MI)
Lorenz Zadro
+ 39 329.56.65.948


Maurizio Pugno

Raffo Barbi

Alessandro Fiorucci

Franz Piombino

Riccardo “Rocca” Fiorucci


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Labilia s.r.l.
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