Franz Piombino

FRANCESCO “FRANZ” PIOMBINO electric bass, fretless bass

Franz Piombino is a “groover” bass player who conceives the bass as a backbone and rhythmic support to the music, preferring the effectiveness of the essential; among his points of reference we can in fact find bassists such as Nathan East, Leland Sklar, James Jamerson, Paul Mc Cartney and Pino Palladino.

Born in Turin Italy in 1968, Franz stars his career as a bass player in the mid-80s, drawing his first inspiration from the rock that characterized the ’75/’85 decade.

At the beginning of the 90s he moved to London, the undisputed capital of European music and there he continued his profession for another 22 years, learning styles, languages and mentalities that led him to deeply enrich his bass language.

Among the many collaborations in Italy and abroad we can mention: Josh Smith, Ariel Posen, Stephen Dale Petit, Jeff McErlain, Edoardo De Angelis, Melissa Bell (Soul2Soul), Jaye Williamson (Brand New Heavy, Style Council), Maurizio Pugno, Linda Valori, Antonio Forcione, Tony Moore (Cutting Crew), Stephen Dale Petit (“Guitararama”), Enzo Zirilli (Gloria Gaynor, Randy Brecker, Dado Moroni, Enrico Pieranunzi, Rossana Casale, Steve Grossman, Paolo Bonfanti, James Moody), Nick Van Gelder (Jamiroquai), Benito Madonia, Djelem Do Mar and many others.

Back in homeland now he is the eclectic bass player of the SACROMUD Pugno Collective as well as of other Labilia productions of which he‘s one of the supporting pillars.

Musical Productions

The SACROMUD Pugno Collective
The SACROMUD Pugno Collective
Gionni Grasso Band feat. Maurizio Pugno
Gionni Grasso Band feat. Maurizio Pugno
Lorenzo Cannelli & The Interstellar Orchestra
Lorenzo Cannelli & The Interstellar Orchestra


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